The Film

An ostracised pantomime horse struggles to find acceptance in a world that seems determined to shun him for his differences.

Colin the Pantomime Horse is a short film written and directed by Susannah Hunt, following the journey of Colin, an unemployed pantomime horse. The screenplay reached the live final of Shorts TV’s ‘The Pitch’ competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2016, and was later picked up for production by 1793 LLC Films.

The film was produced and shot in Dublin, Ireland, featuring locations such as Howth Head and Temple Bar. Ten different people played the part of Colin over the course of filming! Although not officially a student film, the crew was almost entirely comprised of students in full-time education at Trinity College Dublin.

We are really excited to welcome Tamsin Heatley onto the project as the narrator. Tamsin has decades of experience working in children’s television as an actor and voiceover artist, and her previous credits include The Tweenies, Horrid Henry and The Fimbles.

The Cast

Tamsin Heatley

Alexandra Mulligan
Jack Thornton
John McWeeney
Alex Newell
Cliodhna Ní Mheadhra
Lisa Nally
Jessica Boyne
Calum Legorburu
Séafra Ó Faoláin
Conrad Jones

George Bracebridge

Laughing Children
Luke Madden
Katelynn Allister

Stubborn Child
Hiba Abdul-Ibiyeye

Eammon Elliott
Maeve O’Rourke
Killian Garvan

Caoimhe Horner
Siobhan O’Leary Ashford
Lachlan Kiss
Clio Chatterson-Dickson
Eamonn Elliott (as Dame Maisie)
Alex Newell
Claudia Matthews

Allison Wheeland

The Crew

Susannah Hunt Writer/Director/Editor

‘Colin the Pantomime Horse’ is Susannah’s directorial debut, as she usually takes the role of editor on short films. She went to Cannes in 2016 as part of the Short Film Corner, where her screenplay for Colin received funding. She wrote the basis of the screenplay in half an hour on her phone one night while brainstorming ideas for a short film about a non-human character, and still doesn’t know quite where the idea came from! Susannah enjoys light-hearted, humorous films, and hopes to one day direct films for children. Although born in London, she is currently studying English Literature and Film Studies at Trinity College Dublin.

Matthew DiLorenzo Producer/Executive Producer

Joseph DiLorenzo Executive Producer 

Joseph Sorelle Executive Producer

James Dolan Producer

Oscar Ferguson Director of Photography

Oscar met Susannah in Boston in 2013, where they worked on two shorts together. Oscar, who is currently based in London, traveled to Dublin for the production of ‘Colin the Pantomime Horse’, and it is his third film as the Director of Photography. He has had previous films selected for the Winchester Short Film Festival. As well as short narrative films Oscar has also shot several short documentaries.

Calum Legorburu Assistant Camera

Cliodhna Ní Mheadhra Behind the Scenes Videographer

Allison Wheeland Script Supervisor

Séamas MacLochlainn Lighting

Tom Power Composer